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About Us

At Animals! Serveis Veterinaris we care about the health of your pets, offering the best care and paying attention to the prevention of diseases.


Animals! Serveis Veterinaris has two main objectives. The first is to ensure the welfare and health of the animals that come to our centre or are cared for at home. The second is to give maximum comfort and peace of mind to the owner.


Prevention is our best ally. Any disease has a better prognosis if you diagnose it in time or avoid it, that is why at Animals! we have created health plans that adapt to the needs of our patients and clients.

Xisca Rosselló has the Fear Free certificate, a programme that certifies that the vet takes care of the physical and emotional well-being of the pets. And this can be seen in the way we treat the animals before they arrive at the surgery, during the visit and in the design of the facilities.

Our team

Xisca Rosselló

Veterinarian and owner

I am Xisca Rosselló, veterinary entrepreneur since 2018, when I opened Animals!

My passion for medicine and veterinary medicine came when I was a child. I grew up in S’Alqueria Blanca, always surrounded by a family dog (Full was my faithful friend, but there were also Rudy, Rufa, Ben, Duna, Yako…) and some other animals.

Why veterinary? When the time came to decide my future, I was equally attracted to animals and medicine, so I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than being a vet.

When I studied my degree in Barcelona I discovered that as well as liking pets, I was also attracted to the rural world and livestock farming. So after Barcelona I went to Aberdeen (Scotland) to do a master’s degree in animal nutrition, doing my thesis with sheep (at Dolly’s farm, the most famous sheep in the world!) and later I worked in different sectors of the veterinary world.

Once I started working with small animals I became interested in ethology, behavioural medicine and since then I have not stopped training in this speciality, obtaining the Master in Clinical Ethology of Dogs and Cats from the UAB in 2022.

My family is made up of Mestre Miquel, who is passionate about public schools and carpentry; Joel, the joy and excitement of the house and María, who at two years old bathes, listens to and cures her stuffed animals with great care. Nowadays, Curi is the only cat living with us, the owner of the house and of the practice!

Miquela Rigo


Veterinarian born in Cala Figuera, with “curiablanqueres” roots on her paternal side and “felanitxeres” on her maternal side.

Since I was little I always liked animals. My grandfather had always had dogs and had a special interest in German Shepherds, and that interest was inherited by my father. On the other hand, my maternal grandmother always had animals: chickens, pigeons, rabbits… and the weekends and holidays that she spent in Felanitx were the best, especially when she could go be with the rabbits or the chicks. .

Unlike others, I didn’t consider becoming a veterinarian until I was 16 years old. Until that moment I had wanted to be a teacher or a biologist. It was a high school biology teacher who, one day on a field trip, talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up, asked me and I told her that I wanted to do biology, but that the plant study part was unnecessary because what I liked were animals. Her answer was very clear, if I was so sure that animals were what I liked, I had to study veterinary medicine.

I studied Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, doing internships in clinics in Mallorca and in a hospital in England, where I also perfected my English. During my degree, I became interested in exotic and wild animal medicine, a field in which I worked for 5 years, before arriving at S’Alqueria.

Veterinarian work can be very extensive. Currently on Animals! I am in charge of the medicine and surgery service for exotic animals and, together with Xisca Philine, of the dog and cat clinic, vaccinations, health check-ups, surgeries…

I currently live with my partner Toni, my son Toni and our pets: Cendra, a young Weimaraner who won’t sit still; Carol, a rescued nymph and Zipi, our cat.

My main objective on a professional level is to continue training, especially in the specialties that I like the most.

Leaving animals aside, I really like reading a good book, traveling, seeing new places and dancing. Dancing is one of the best ways to disconnect there can be!

Marga Fullana

Veterinary assistant

I am a veterinary assistant and the animal groomer! I was born in Campos in 1988 and I have spent every summer in Sa Ràpita with my parents and my sister. I met my best friends there many years ago and to this day we are still inseparable.

As a child I have always really liked animals, I played with all the cats I found on the street. Every year for Christmas I asked for a puppy but it never arrived.

When I was about to finish secondary education I was clear that I wanted to work with animals, I didn’t really know where or how, but the opportunity arose to take a course like ACV and I didn’t think about it. I still didn’t have a car license and I was going by bus to Palma. When I finished classes there, I started the internship and it was confirmed that this job is what filled me with passion, that I had not made a mistake. From the age of 17 until now I have been taking care of the health of animals.

As a veterinary assistant, my job is to help veterinarians in any way I can: attend to clients, complete documentation, entertain and restrain animals while they are in the office, prepare and assist in the operating room…

I am also the groomer because we have some very smug little dogs who come to get cute, to prepare for the heat before summer or to do year-round maintenance.

There are 8 of us at home! Angel, my husband; Paula, our eldest daughter, Nil our little son who also loves animals; Dansa, an 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier; Lacasita, a guinea pig; Susi and Rayo, some hamsters who were the last to arrive…and me!

What I like most is traveling around the world with my family. Whenever we can we escape to discover other cultures and ways of living. If it were up to me, I would live in a permanent summer so I could go to the sea every day, disconnect, enjoy the sun and eat ice cream all the time.

I am not a person who sets many goals in life, I like to see how things happen without expecting them… but if I try to imagine the future, I see myself surrounded by animals, improving every day, taking interesting courses and with many things learned from the world. wonderful job that, luckily, I have been able to choose.

Philine Endres


My name is Philine Endres, I was born in 1980 in Heidelberg, Germany.

My parents have had a house in Mallorca for 45 years, where I always spent my holidays. I really liked coming, especially to visit our neighbors Simón and Margarita where there were all kinds of animals and I spent a lot of time with them. It was during those long hours of tranquility and closeness with animals that I decided to become a veterinarian.

After finishing my degree I spent two years in Budapest (Hungary) studying. I later moved to Berlin where I did my thesis at the Charité for three years. I did not stop visiting Mallorca since I did an internship with Salvador Llull and an internship at the Canis Clinic (now Canis Mallorca Hospital).

Love made me return to Germany and there I worked in a specialty center in Piding and in a large hospital in Oberhaching.

After having my three children (Junis, Florin and Mila) I convinced my love to come to Mallorca and enjoy the good weather and the company of all the animals we have at home: horses, donkeys, sheep, dogs and cats.

I’ve been working on Animals! since 2022 and I am very happy to have found a center where loving treatment of people and animals is so important.

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