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Health and wellness plans

If you have a pet that you love and care for and you want it to live as long as possible with the best possible quality of life, this is of interest to you.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is a totally true statement and in our case, it is the basis of our daily work.

At Animals! we have created preventive health plans that allow the guardians of dogs and cats to have the best preventive medicine for their pets. They include the most appropriate and recommended procedures to guarantee an optimal state of health for your pet. They also include discounts on other care and services. All affordable in easy instalments.


There is a health plan for each type of animal, depending on its species, age and lifestyle.

Puppy dog and puppy cat

At this stage of life, prevention is essential. Your new companion is young and vulnerable, with these health plans you can make sure you are giving him the best care and the best medicine.


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Adult dog and adult cat

After the age of one year, prevention is just as important. These plans are recommended for animals from 1 to 7 years of age. It will provide you with the most important elements of preventive health to keep your pet healthy and strong. Remember that, for a little more, you can choose the Premium Adult/Senior Plan, which will provide supplementary care.


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Premium dog and Premium cat

The Premium Adult/Senior Plan is suitable for the highest level of preventive health in dogs and cats from 1 year of age, as it includes additional care than the Adult Plan. It is also recommended for all dogs and cats over approximately 7 years of age, as they need specific care to maintain good health for a long time.


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